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Green Policy

We are fully aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

It is evident that fairs generate a considerable amount of waste from their operations. Whilst we are careful in collecting such rubbish and removing it from the areas in which we work, we strive to improve in separating recyclable materials from general rubbish and disposing of them in the correct way. We will push to ensure that all refreshments sold at events are in recyclable containers and that there are plenty of receptacles around for such materials to be placed in by the public. However, there are other functions that must be considered, such as administration in the office and the generation of less paper-based documents are all part of this.

Even though we have started and have implemented many changes, we know that all aims cannot be achieved overnight. We are aware that neither the public or our corporate clients aren’t keen to pay more because the fair is more environmentally sound. Whilst implementing changes and striving for better, we will be continuing to provide great value entertainment for everyone at our public fairs and in our work and its processes.

Energy Consumption

Manning’s Amusements Ltd is aware of the environment and our collective responsibility to ensure that resources are consumed sustainably. We strive to be the best in industry and are taking steps to ensure that our business operates responsibly & sustainably.

We have a rolling replacement program that has exchanged our older vehicle fleet with newer technology leveraging technology like ad blue to reduce our emissions. Our generator fleet is been progressively upgraded with the latest technology and we have updated power generation methods. Typically, the industry utilises a small generator for each asset however, we have invested in extensive power distribution equipment allowing us to run a larger power station that is now able to operate and peak efficiency and reduce overall environmental impact.

Our biggest commitment has been the replacement and upgrades of all our assets. By using the latest technology, we can reduce our energy consumption significantly.

Hydraulic systems have been replaced with the latest inverter drive systems that regenerate power rather than waste it. This technology coupled with our investment in power distribution infrastructure has allowed regenerated power to be used elsewhere. This further reducing our environmental impact.

The lighting for our attractions and facilities are now LED controlled displays which has cut our energy consumption down by 80%.

We endeavour to update and modernise our systems which will enable us to be the best in industry.

Investment in Low Energy Rides

The company will achieve this without passing on the costs to customers, whether at our public festivals or at other events to aid large reductions in emissions.

Single Use Plastics

We are committed to helping the environment and committed to the reduction of single use plastic at our sites.

Where possible are now using reusable tyre straps and our advertising boards are always reused throughout the season. In in catering attractions we are not using plastic in our containers, our straws will now only be paper, plastic cutlery and cups will no longer be used. Our supply chain will only consist of sustainable and biodegradable products.

Our focus is site wide and not just concentrating on catering units.